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I bought my HSS about 8 years ago and now that i have a gibson and an ibanez i more than have that humbucker on the bridge sound covered, my strat just does a crappier job of it and i find myself wishing i had a strat with a single coil now. SSS and HSS refer to pickup configurations, not pickups themselves. The single coil on the bridge is what gives that characteristic strat sound during solos IMHO. http://www.musicradar.com/us/reviews/guitars/fender-vg-stratocaster-26402. The first letter refers to the bridge position, and the last refers to the neck position. hss or sss pickup configs Available in two configurations: SSS with V60LP single coil pickups, or HSS with an SSV humbucker in the bridge position. The pickups deliver a classic bright vintage tone that reminds you of the great sound that rules the airwaves during the 1950s. A Floyd Rose bridge does take a little more TLC than a vintage-style bridge. The new Ultra series swaps the Tele Thinline for a Jazzmaster and, at launch, there’s no sign of a left-handed model. I like SSH because you get the single coil neck goodness, and you can get the beefy tone of a HH guitar. This means a big difference in sound when the first position of the pickup selector is engaged. I used to only really own HSS Strats, I had a 97 Lonestar strat with two Texas special single coils and a Duncan pearly gates in the bridge, it was a solid mix and it balanced really well, very aggressive without getting into metal territory or anything. What you may run into later down the road is a craving for that single coil sound. So... not much help. Everything I play is darker and sloppier than what a lot of people would produce. But Fender took them away for a while, only to bring them back a few years ago. On the bright side, there's nothing wrong with either setup. This is something I obsessed about a long time before buying my SSS. So, which should you choose, and how do they compare in sound and performance? The two “hot” single-coil pickups in this guitar are also the newest offering from Fender. This is why Fender Player instruments are referred to as Made-in-Mexico or MIM Stratocasters, a moniker once owned by the Standard Series they replaced. I also owned a American deluxe with a humbucker in the bridge, again, it was balanced well and sounded good enough, I had no complaints really. While the MIM version of this guitar may not have the higher-end appointments of the American version, it still sounds amazing. The Player Plus Top comes enhanced with a maple veneer top and the choice of a SSS and HSS pickup format. I've heard mixed reviews on the bridge single coil and really like the warmth and jazzy tone that a hum bucker produces. You can use any of these guitars for any darn style you want to. Fender Original ‘57/’62 Strat Pickup Set. The only real difference between these 2 guitars is the humbucker. Like the SSS version, this is a guitar that sounds and plays a lot better than it should for the price tag. In the end I decided to go with SSS because they were easier to find in the finish I wanted, and I justified it by saying that I could always go back and replace the pickguard and install a bridge humbucker if necessary. But there are a few versions to choose from: The SSS features three single-coil pickups like the original Stratocaster. The HSS model adds in a humbucker for thicker, heavier sounds. However, for most other forms of rock and metal, the HSS version is a very versatile guitar that will take you from Hendrix to Metallica with the flip of a switch. It's your guitar, after all! Now, if I was only allowed one guitar a HSS Strat might be it. A pair of humbuckers is a departure from traditional Strat tone. SSS configuration stratocaster with blender pot ( 7 sound options strat) Some say this is the oldest mods for strat, and i would say this is the best one. On my last build with Lindy Fralins, I had him put on the metal base plate on the bridge pup. They probably will play roughly the same, though, a humbucker is worlds different from a single coil. Just comes down to what you prefer, and that tends to take experience. However, if you are hoping to play heavier forms of music you may want to look at a MIM Strat with a different pickup configuration. An HSS strat has a humbucker in the bridge position, an SSS strat has a single-coil pickup. Posted by Matt Perkins October 24, 2019 October 6, 2020 Posted in News Tags: Custom staggered, Full Shred, Hot for Strat, HSS, hss fat strat vs strat, humbucker, PATB-1, Pearly Gates, Quarter Pound Staggered, Sh-1, Sh-4, sh-5, SH-6, single coil, stratocaster 22 Comments on The Philosophy of the Fat Strat: Single Coils and Humbuckers At Peace The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. HSS mean s that the guitar, again usually a Strat, but it could be a tele or really anything else, has a single coil pickup in the neck position, a single coil pickup in the middle position, and a … It is nice to once again see an affordable Strat available with a Floyd Rose! That being said, should I buy the strat with the added bridge hum bucker or should I go with the SSS? Even if you coil split a bridge humbucker, it won't sound exactly like a normal single coil in the bridge, it might be worth going SSS just because it brings a lot of good sounds into the mix. This is great for metal and hard rock, but players who like to use the bridge pickup for lead playing will also get some extra oomph from an HSS Strat. Personally, I've been playing an HSS Standard Strat for several years and I couldn't be happier with it. Fender American Ultra Stratocaster HSS. The important thing is to have fun. TLDR HSS fantastic if its your only guitar, very versatile, SSS very distinct strat sound. I came across the VG Strat, albeit when they were new. Don't listen to the bridge haters - with a little care, you can get some wonderful tones from it. The Classic S retains many of the original specifications of the Classic Pro including the SSCII hum cancelling system and stainless steel frets. For that reason I tend to lean towards brighter sounding instruments to balance things out. Even with a humbucker, you will not get the same kind of resonant, deep low-end you'd hear with a mahogany or basswood-bodied guitar. The Stratocaster sound works well in rock, blues, country, and even jazz. The Player Strat is available with a Floyd Rose bridge with and an HSS pickup configuration. This guitar will provide you a modern warm sound with lots of gain. I whole heartedly endorse it for anyone looking for a Strat to find one now on the used market. The single-coil at the bridge has a bright, vintage tone that sounds great in these genres, and the #2 position between the middle and bridge pickups has a certain usefulness as well. If you play classic rock, blues or country, go with a traditional SSS model. Also, you will definitely find aftermarket pickups that are better than the stock Fenders. If you want to get a genuine vintage tone with your pickup, … If you want humbuckers, you'd be better just getting a humbucking guitar. Your playing style, your fingers... well they have a lot to do with it. It sounds great, looks cool, it's one of those zebra coloured ones. Both models are equipped with a Greasebucket tone circuit that maintains gain and clarity when you back down the Tele’s master tone or the Strat HSS’s bridge tone controls. 46 Do you expect a P90 in a basswood body to produce a heavier sound than an EMG humbucker in an ash body? yes it seems like this setup is not liked very much but this is the best one, If it's your first electric, I'd say go for the HSS, it means you can get a feel for how single coils and humbuckers differ in sound and application (and with that route, you can easily switch to a SSS setup later if you so desire). That said, when combined with the middle, I prefer the SC bridge. This means a big difference in sound when the first position of the pickup selector is engaged. FYI I am fairly new to electrics and have not played enough to really differentiate pickup qualities. This makes the HSS Strat better suited to metal and hard rock, but don't go thinking you'll get deep, dark extreme metal tones out of it. I sold an old Strat that I had and eventually wanted another. That's okay. Fender nomenclature identifies the bridge pickup as the 1st pickup, the middle pickup as the 2nd pickup, and the neck position as the 3rd pickup. I now own a strat with a single coil in the bridge, I actually like it's character more than the humbuckers in the ones I had before. By the time we’re done, you ought to be closer to making the right decision for you and your style of playing. You'll be able to get some of those thick, crunchy rhythm tones that are somewhat elusive with a single-coil pickup in the bridge, as well as hotter lead sounds. The 2018 Classic S features a new 60’s C vintage standard neck profile with indian rosewood or maple fingerboard and V60LP single coils. Playing a guitar with a Floyd Rose bridge does not come without its hassles. The HSH gives a player a "best of both worlds" option. HSS will offer one Ultra Double Tap humbucking bridge pickup with two Ultra Noiseless Hot Strat single-coil pickups (middle and neck). The Stratocaster HSS has a Double Tap humbucking pickup at the bridge with a coil-splitting function that is engaged via the lower tone knob’s push/pull pot. With a legendary pedigree but a budget price tag, it gives many guitar players a chance to own a real Fender guitar. The Ultra series consists of four models: a standard SSS strat, an HSS strat, a Telecaster and a Jazzmaster. The HSH Player model is a bit off the beaten path when it comes to traditional Fender tone. Here are my thoughts: All that said, surely somebody reading this is yelling at their computer screen because they use a single-coil Strat for jazz or humbuckers for blues. Fender Player Series electric guitars are budget versions of high-end American-made Fender instruments. On a HSS, the humbucker is straight, but on the SSS version, the bridge single coil is angled, and i think the bass half of the pickup would be too far forward to accommodate the single coil into a humbucker route without routing the body. I agree. best info I've gotten thanks... is it possible to split a single coil sized hum bucker? It would also be nice to gain some perspective from someone whose played both since I have actually never played either (previously owned a MIM start). Along with the push-pull coil-split, this gives you a range of tonal possibilities. Till recently I had a HHH (jb jnr, duckbucker, lil 59) and that was a great guitar to! Of the combinations mentioned I have only used HSS, and even there I have to decide which concept I use - unsplit low output humbucker or split higher output humbucker. Maybe some new pots too depending on their resistance. The auto split mod splits the humbucker in half and combines it with the middle in that 4th notch position. I use the bridge pickups quite a bit. Position 4 on the strat is pretty damn awesome, and you'll lose that if you humbucker it. Love the brightness, bite and snap/twang but sometimes feel they're wimpy n thin when I want to get down n dirty. Whether you are an intermediate player, a beginner with a few extra bucks in your pocket, or an experienced guitarist looking to land a great instrument without missing a mortgage payment, the MIM Strat is worth a look. The black pickguard on the white body with the two-tone pickups looks amazing! Have a listen and let me know which you prefer and why. The outgoing Elite series consisted of five models: a Strat in SSS and HSS pickup configurations, a Tele and Tele Thinline, plus a lefty Strat. That being said, if you have a humbucker in the bridge, you are kinda missing out on what I would consider a very traditional stratocaster sound, that bridge single coil may sound harsh at first but once you learn how to properly use it, it really gives you a sweet sound. So, maybe you dig a humbucker on your Strat so much you want two of them.

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